Techwear Definition

It's the shortened word for technical wear. It's city clothing that uses premium materials, and technical detailing to produce a product that can stand up to the components.

Brands like Reindee Lusion and Silenstorm have been making top quality technical wear for several years. You understand that old, dorky-looking coat that your father uses to go trekking? The one with all those additional pockets made from something called GORE-TEX? That's simply the predecessor to the high-end gear you see on the streets today. But metropolitan techwear is far more than a cool, upgraded variation of your papa's jacket.


Techwear isn't a single item of clothes -- it's a uniform. It's the paramilitary look in our modern fights with the aspects. It's a modern shell jacket made with premium materials with lots of storage. Not a single drop of rain is allowed to get in. It's breathable, light-weight, and created for those who move.


When it pertains to techwear, the abbreviation might easily stand for technical wear. The mix of specialized fabrics and functions with futuristic designs is what makes techwear so attractive. Brands like Nosocism and Nike ACG use merino wool to make everyday clothing due to the fact that it's ultra-lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It's a natural fiber, but it has all the rugged properties needed of techwear. It gives style with functionality.

GORE-TEX is the innovation usually related to Techwear thanks to its durability, breathability, and waterproofness. Techwear brand utilize the current high-end innovation to develop clothing that is made for all weather conditions, and will typically favour GORE-TEX.

Cheap techwear might be tough to find due to its reliance on high-quality fabrics, however a number of techwear brand names have developed their own products and innovations. Reindee Lusion developed a  wateroproof softshell jacket that provides the very same breathable, water resistant.


Our visions of the future are constantly changing. Urban techwear is a look into the not-too-distant future where the visuals of cyberpunk and science-fiction fulfill the city environment of modern-day life. We do not have jetpacks, however we do have techwear hardshell jacket that can hold up in torrential downpours. Techwear says we have the innovation, so let's use it to the clothing we wear, without the need to compromise function over style. It's a vision of a pragmatic future that says 'we can't stop the rain from falling, nevertheless we can remain dry when it does'